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Barnoa’s New Owner

Please welcome new owner Mike Trebing to Barnoa!

Mike Barnoa OwnerMike has enjoyed meeting many of you at your favorite Talega drinking spot over the past few weeks, and would love it if you came by to let him know your thoughts on some of his new wine selections.

Previous owner Alex will be embarking on an exciting new venture very soon, but will still be around Barnoa through the end of February to bid adieu to all the familiar faces he’ll miss and make sure the transition is smooth for customers and staff.

We would like to invite you to visit us for a chat with Alex, Mike, or our lovely staff about what 2016 has in store for the Barnoa family.

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  1. We were on Alex’s mail list and hadn’t heard anything for quite a while. We got news that Poul Pedersen was playing a couple of weeks ago and rounded up a group to drop by. Great music as usual by Poul and we were impressed by your new wines. Keep it up and have Poul back again……Best of luck.

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