Barnoa Blues Nights with Brother Yusef

One of owner Mike’s passions, aside from wine, is getting lost in a good long night of blues. That could be why our blues nights are so special – there’s just something about the combination of a great glass of wine and some rockin’ blues that hits you just right.

We’re incredibly lucky to have the chance to host Brother Yusef, the Fatt-Back Bluesman, on an ongoing basis. If you’re a blues fan (or even if you’re not) and you haven’t yet joined us on a Brother Yusef night, you better get yourself over here right away.

A little background on Brother Yusef

Brother Yusef first started going by the name “the Fatt-Back Bluesman” within his inner circle of musicians because of the extraordinary range of emotions that have become his trademark.  His talent with the traditional slide guitar paired with his unique and passionate vocals is, for lack of any better word, magical. Maybe that’s why one of his recurring gigs (other than Barnoa) is Downtown Disney after dark.

Brother Yusef Barnoa
Brother Yusef is a master of the slide guitar

Brother Yusef first heard the call of the blues as a child at church with his grandparents in Bakersfield, where he was moved by the intensely raw emotions of the church music. At 19, he picked up the guitar and experimented with genres like R&B and reggae, until the sad day when he attended the very same church of his childhood, but this time for his grandfather’s funeral.

The solo guitarist at the funeral service was playing low and soothing hymns on the guitar, which connected Brother Yusef to his grandfather on down the line to elders and ancestors through the rich tradition of the blues. In that moment, Brother Yusef had found his true calling.

Even though the blues are rooted in tradition, Brother Yusef’s solo style is entirely unique. While using his right thumb to play a percussive base line, his index finger plays the rhythm and lead, and it’s amazing to believe such rich live music is played by just one musician.

Since starting out on his blues journey, Brother Yusef has earned acclaim from audiences and musicians alike throughout the LA and Orange County area for his vast range of deep emotion from sadness to joy and everywhere in between. His combination of traditional finger picking and slide guitar layered with a more modern tone of urban blues allows him to perfectly marry the past and present.

Check the calendar and come on out to one of Barnoa’s Blues Nights – one of Talega’s hidden gems.

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