Live Music: Guillermo Otero in the House!

We love Guillermo! Since the very first Wednesday he came to Barnoa with his luscious vocals and calming ukulele, we’ve been utterly and completely under this Mexican pop star’s spell.

Check this out, you’ll see what we mean:

Guillermo Otero, sometimes known as “G.O.” sings, writes, and even directs and produces. He began learning music at age 5, and plays drums, guitar, piano, guilele, and of course, the ukelele.

Otero sings mostly in Spanish, but his souful vocals don’t need a language to convey an impressive range of emotions. Guess that’s why we love him so much!

It’s tough to pinpoint his main genre, which is a mix of pop, funk, rock, reggae, boss, hip-hop, blues, and jazz. Whatever he does, he does with heart and a pinch of Latin and Caribbean flavor.

His first EP “Que Hacer” led to his first album “YO SOY YO”(I AM MYSELF).

Guillermo also loves putting his unique spins on his covers, seen most famoulsy in his “Sobre El Arco Iris” (Cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”). You can check that out below.

Come check out Guillermo Otero at Barnoa as a familar face in our featured artist lineup, and as our special guest this Cinco de Mayo.

Want to read more? Check out Guillermo Otero’s website here: https://www.gomusicago.com/

You can also find him on Spotify, iTunes, and “over the rainbow.”

As Guillermo says, “I am what I give; I give all I am.”

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