Why Come to Talega?

You only have to find our little corner of San Clemente one time – after that, you’ll surely remember the way back.

You only have to find our little corner of San Clemente one time – after that, you’ll surely remember the way back.

For those of you pondering whether you should make the trek up to Talega, or for those of you already in Talega wondering where exactly we’re hiding, we thought we might clear some things up for ya.

Why make the trip out to Talega?

There’s so much to do down by the beach – why come up to the hills? Well, I think that sort of answers the question, doesn’t it? The hills are beautiful. Sunset on our patio is gorgeous. Plus, chances are you’ll eventually need to come to Target, so when that day comes, top it off with a fabulous glass of wine right across the road.

where is Barnoa


Come up to Talega to play a little golf at the country club that’s only a five minute walk away, grab a coffee at Peet’s, have dinner at one of the great restaurants in the Talega Village Center, grab a classic shave at V’s Barber Shop, then come relax in our bar and share a plate of awesome cheese and take home a hard-to-find bottle from the bottle shop.


We also have an exciting line up of events each week, with Girls’ Night Out on Wednesdays, Tastings on Thursdays, and live music every Friday and Saturday.

painting night

We’ll also have occasional special events like painting nights!

Already in Talega? Do the neighborly thing and pay us a visit.

We’re in the Talega Village Center, which has a Peet’s Coffee (yum) and Inka Mama’s (extra yum). We share a parking lot with Sundried Tomato Bistro as well – we’re sure you’ve heard of them!

back of barnoa

Ralph’s is up the hill, and Target’s down the road. V’s Barber Shop in our shopping center does classic straight razor shaves. We’re a five minute walk to the Talega Golf Club.

DSC_0724 (1)

In other words, go to dinner, go shopping, go for a walk in the beautiful Talega hills, have a round of golf, grab a shave, then have some world class wine from our ever-expanding bottle shop. Sounds pretty good to us.

If you don’t want to do any of that and just want to hang out and drink wine, that’s totally cool too. We’re always working on our small plates offerings, and have recently added panini and flatbread served with a side salad to those looking for a meal to complement their wine.


Also, if you’re just looking to grab a hard-to-find wine to serve at home, you don’t have to look far – our bottle shop is developing swimmingly.





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